Alangara Rising offers a wide variety of special features to add to the standard game.

- Player housing. premade databased housing available in-game or custom designed by yourself!

- Farming system, where you can "farm" gold and XP - pun intended.

- Optimised spell system, where spells scale to level 40.

- Custom XP system including XP potions, and various XP events serverdriven, and DM created.

- Custom System for manipulating all mobs into more powerful and richer variants.

- Custom magical item creation system; Forging.
- Custom teleportation system.

- Custom Alchemy system, where custom potions become even more powerful.

- Custom system for bounties all over the Inner Realms.

- Tons of database quest.

- Custom in-game postal system.

- Tons of skills and powers optimised for most classes.

- Epic gear from epic bosses.

- Reborn system for characters level 40 to greatly enhance them.

- Quest driven permanent stat improvements.

- Heavily upgraded summons and familiars/Companions and a custom tool better control them.

- And lots of other features.

- Most importantly…

  A staff that listens, and constantly developes the server !

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