The actual setting of Alangara.

                   Alangara is set in the Inner Realms. A demi plane first created in the Core of Aber Toril, far below

                   Faerûn in the Forgotten Realms setting.

                   As such, Alangara sponsors all the gods and lore of the standard AD&D settings, but also that of

                   the Planescape settings and any other known gaming world. The Inner Realms also draw upon the

                   lore of the nordic mythology and other gaming universes, such as Warhammer and more.

                  The underlying storyline and setting of the Inner Realms is the struggle of the God "Zertihn"

                  to prove the power and worthiness of the mortals ( players ).

                  This means that all players may choose to embark on a journey towards becoming divine beings

                  after reaching level 40 - granting them vast strength and power to overcome the many

                  challenges of the Inner Realms. These become the mighty "Reborns".

                  Another specialty of the Inner Realms setting is that even though players may become extremely

                  powerful so does the monsters. and no player is even close to battling the might of the

                  worldbosses on their own. The "out-of-game" mentality is that there should ALWAYS be something

                  new to strive and aim for!

                  Grouping up is also encouraged via the XP-system that allows highlevels to aid lowlevels in lowlevel

                  areas. 2 players in a group get the same xp per mob as they would alone ( calculated on the

                  base of the level of both mob and player ). Thus 2 players in a group may get vastly different XP from

                  killing the same mob.

                  Alangara Rising sponsors both heavy RP and regular Action. People are expected to be in-character

                  when meeting others, but what a group decides to talk about amongst themselves, is 100% their own

                  business. It should also be noted that asking "should we join up to slay some…" is just as valid RP as

                  "Cometh ye might hither to vanquish thus foul threats to the realms with us", or what not. Fun is the

                  most important thing in the Inner Realms !

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